Narrated by George Guidall
A Suggested List for Audiobook Listeners

InterrogationThe Ghost Writer

Last Stand (Philbrick)
Hanging Judge (Brandt)
Cold Dish (Johnson)
Cure (Cooke)
Broken Jewel (Robbins)
Dark Horse (Johnson)
Les Miserables (Hugo)
Shroud Codex (Corsi)
Don Quixote (Miguel De Cervantes)
The Devil's Advocate
(Morris West)
Shadow Song
(Terry Kaye)

InterrogationThe Ghost Writer

(Mary Shelly)
Crime and Punishment
Snow Falling on Cedars
(David Guterson)
Alan Furst's novels (any one)
The Good Earth
(Pearl Buck)
In The Deep Mid-Winter
(Robert Clark)
This Much I Know is True
(Wally Lamb)
The Hour I First Believed
(Wally Lamb)
Thomas H Cook novels
Tides of War
(Steven Pressfield)
Gates of Fire (Steven Pressfield)

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Grant (Max Byrd)
(Max Byrd)
Jefferson(Max Byrd)
Remembrance of Things Past
(Marcel Proust)
Swanns Way
(Marcel Proust)
The Cat Who...(Lillian Jackson Braun series)
Tony Hillerman Navaho Mysteries
The Killer Angels
(Michael Shaara)
Nautical Charts
(A. Perez-Reverte)
The Ghost Writer
(Philip Roth)
(Philip Roth)

The Ghost Writer Interrogation

Exit Ghost (Philip Roth)
Corrections (Jonathan Franzen)
Rise to Rebellion
(Jeff Shaara)
Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Victor Hugo)
Cheaper by the Dozen (
Frank Gilbreth)
Gates of the Alamo
(Stephen Harrigan)
Second Glance
(Jodi Picoult)
The History of Love
(Nicole Kraus)
(Elie Wiesel)
The Time it Never Rained
(Elmer Kelton)

Night SoldiersPatrimony
Vince Flynn says:
"Sometimes I think George knows my characters better than I do"
Extreme MeasuresAct Of Treason