"I had the great pleasure of hearing you and seeing you in Las Vegas the other day. (I'm the Alan Furst fan.) I can't recall a more valuable, interesting, and effective presentation by anyone. Thank you so much."
Hollywood, California

The Polish OfficerWidow for One Year

"I just want to say 'Thank You' for the many enjoyable hours I have had listening to you read "The Cat Who..." books. You really bring the characters alive - especially Quilleran - who believe it or not - I did not 'read' him with an American accent when I first read the books for myself. Of course I knew he was American, but you've made him a real person. I just wanted you to know how much pleasure you give."
Newgate, Dorking
Surry, England

"..keep pumping George Guidall full of vitamins. He’s the most talented reader I have ever come across!"

Sheboygen Falls, WI

"I've never done this before and tried on the internet with no success, so this is a pain in the ass. I read about two books a week and listen to about four...You're the best book reader out there. I've heard them all. Don't die."
Napa, CA

The Door to DecemberViolent Sunday

"I have listened to many books narrated by George Guidall, who has always been one of my most favorite performers. However, in my opinion, his reading of Franzen's "The Corrections" is a masterpiece! Mr. Guidall gives each character in the novel their own distinctive voice, a voice which also reflects each one's interior life...Bravo!"
Bastrop, TX

The Dark HorseThe Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell

"...I have concluded that you are one of a mere handful of people whose unique talent has enriched my life beyond expectation. Presumably I am one of many. An art itself [audiobook narration], the medium and the message combine to equal more than their sum. My life is just simply better for the experience and my gratitude is boundless."
Richmond, VA